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Meet Piano Teacher Dorane Subjack

With a Bachelor of Music and over 20 years of teaching experience. She LOVES watching a student’s eyes light up with joy while learning the piano.

The right teacher makes all the difference when it comes to learning piano. For the most satisfying experience, it makes sense to look for a teacher who holds credentials in music education, someone who treats teaching piano as a full-time profession and continually strives to improve and bring added depth to the student. Dorane Subjack is all this and more.

There are loads of exciting new techniques and aids to make learning piano more fun and easier. When you train with Dorane Subjack, you benefit from not only working with a highly accomplished pianist, but also from the latest thinking in piano education. She is first and foremost an outstanding educator who draws the best from a variety of teaching methods to give her students an interesting and enjoyable route to becoming accomplished pianists. Just as important, Dorane is fun to be around.

Through her many years as a piano instructor, Dorane has learned that teaching piano is as much an art as playing. Her approach includes having students play together in duets, duos, trios or quartets, so playing piano is a social activity that students find highly motivating.

Ms. Subjack’s qualifications are impeccable. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Westminster Choir College and a lifelong certification to teach music K-12 from the state of New Jersey. In addition, she has performed professionally with the New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia Orchestras. To keep current with the latest methods of teaching music and changes in technology, she also regularly attends professional seminars and conferences. She is a longtime member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers and is also an adjudicator for them as well as piano competitions.

The Center for Musical Creativity and teaching piano is Dorane’s full time profession. She is fascinated by how people learn and is continually developing new and exciting ways to engage her children, teen and adult students with all the possibilities of piano. She considers her studio a laboratory for musical exploration and discovery. Her enthusiasm is as contagious as her methods are unique. You simply will not find a more accomplished, innovative piano instructor in the metro Denver area.

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