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Children Play Music Now

The piano should be fun, so that’s why I show my students how to play a song during their very first lesson (and yes, they can learn to play a song during their first lesson even if they’ve never seen a piano!).

The “Play Music Now” program is a 6-week course for children age 8 and up. Your child will join a small group (4 students total) once a week for one hour.

Your child will:
• Focus on performing popular songs (this makes learning the underlying theory much easier)
• Understand the basics of keyboard geography, theory, and rhythm
• Learn the musical alphabet
• Discover how to use music to convey emotion

Now enrolling for our next class which will begin in September 2023.
But don’t want until then…call 303-306-1342 or use the form right now to be sure your child will be a part of it!

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[nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”small_modern” color=”Default” quote=”We’re so thankful for Dorane. She not only taught our daughter to play the piano, but how to learn anything.” name=”E & M”]

Let's Start To Learn Piano

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Fun, engaging & exciting new beginner group piano program

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