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Adult Private Lessons

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I find adult students have many reasons for playing piano, from personal enjoyment to performing for others. Regardless, I want all my students to enjoy their time at the piano.

In a private lesson, I go to great lengths to ensure that the music you learn is appealing to you and something you’ll want to play time and time again. You’ll easily learn to read music as well as how to interpret it. We’ll discuss the meaning behind the composition and how to express it as your fingers play the keys.

I’ve found adults who start piano lessons at any age, even in their 50s or 60s are able to become quite proficient and enjoy playing well into their senior years. Whether playing “just for myself” or for others, it is a pleasant diversion from the daily grind and a rewarding lifetime hobby full of rich literature to choose from.
Private lessons are available weekday afternoons and evenings. Call me at 303-306-1342 to discuss available times.

Let's Start To Learn Piano

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Fun, engaging & exciting new beginner group piano program

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