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Terms and Conditions


A NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE registration fee of $50 is due at the time of enrollment. A re-registration fee applies when a student is absent for four (4) consecutive weeks or more. To avoid incurring the re-registration fee, students can prepay the tuition for the returning month and submit the completed Student Vacation Request Form prior to the leave of absence.

All tuition fees are payable in full and in advance by the 7th of each month. Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. All bounced credit card charges are subject to a $25.00 handling fee.

A late charge of $10 will be applied for each tuition invoice not paid in full by the 8th of each month. Lessons for students whose tuition payment is not received after the due date shall be suspended until full payment is received.

Extra fees may be incurred to cover costs including but not limited to concerts, competitions, auditions, books and/or supplementary materials. Parents and/or guardians will be notified in advance for these occasions and the fees due.

No refunds/credits or “make-up lessons” will be given due to inclement weather or personal schedule conflicts of the student, including vacations. It is the responsibility of the person paying for instruction or the parent of students under the age of 18 to call the studio if the student is unable to attend his or her scheduled lesson.

Please note that classes held on Mondays will be held on all Monday holidays, such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.  Classes held on Thursdays will be rescheduled due to Thanksgiving.

Students must be punctual for class and need to bring all required materials used in class.

Only enrolled students and ONE immediate guardian may attend the class. In order to maintain an orderly and effective classroom atmosphere, no other additional family members will be allowed in the classroom during lessons. Guests may occasional be invited at the discretion of the teacher.

Students may participate in music examinations and/or competitions only with the teacher’s recommendation.

The parent or guardian agrees to provide our school with a written notice at least six (6) weeks in advance prior to withdrawing a student form a class. Non-attendance is not a withdrawal and tuition fee will continue to incur until a written notice is received in our school.

No food, gum, drinks and/or pets are allowed on the premises of our school. No personal media devices and/or cell phone use is allowed during classes. All toys shall be put away during classes.

Students must respect all school properties. In the event of willful damage, the parent and/or guardian is liable to reimburse our school the cost of repair and/or replacement.

Center for Musical Creativity is not liable for any accidents, injuries or death that may occur to any student outside the premises of our school.

Center for Musical Creativity reserves the right to reschedule, regroup, discontinue classes or reassign teachers as deemed necessary under any circumstances.

Center for Musical Creativity is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings while attending classes in our school.

Center for Musical Creativity reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  If a student is found to be repeatedly disruptive, disrespectful, or harmful to others, the student will be removed from the class.  Tuition will continue to be billed until another student is found to replace the original student.

Center for Musical Creativity reserves the right and has consent and permission for any purpose whatsoever to take, use, reuse, publish, republish, modify, distort and change a student’s or parent’s (or any associated party) appearance, likeness, and forms by means of photographic equipment, portraits, videos, computers, and other techniques and media, and to use any printed matter, including but not limited to a student’s or parent’s (or any associated party) name, address and other identifying information, in conjunction therewith for the advertising, commercial, social media, Internet “web page” use and other business purposes of  Center for Musical Creativity.

The novel corona virus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. Although COVID-19 causes mild symptoms in some individuals, it can lead to severe illness and even death in others.

To protect the health, welfare & safety of students, the Center for Musical Creativity, students, and parents of our students need to partner in our efforts.

CMC has created an open-air classroom in a high-ceiling garage, complete with a ceiling fan to allow for maximum ventilation.  Classes are conducted with doors opened, students spaced 6 feet apart, and masks are required, when ordered by the City and County of Denver, for both students and teacher.

If the student feels sick or has been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, we ask you to stay at home.  The student may attend the class online during the scheduled class time.  This applies to all illnesses, not just COVID-19.

Also, if anyone in your immediate family is being quarantined, please do not send your child to class.  Please inform CMC the morning of the class that your child will be attending online so that we can set up the online computer

By purchasing a class subscription, I agree to the above terms and conditions.