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The following article appeared in The Villager Newspaper on October 13, 2005

By Cindy Williams
Dorane Subjack loves piano, and has a gift for passing that love along to others. For more than 20 years, she has inspired others with her unique brand of teaching piano that tailors the training to the student. “No two students — and no two curricula — are identical,” she explained. Depending on the student’s interests, the course may include jazz, classical, musical theatre, ragtime, rock, folk, blues, religious and other types of music. Her approach is to understand each student’s strengths, learning style, aspirations and personality before developing an individualized learning program that encourages practice, enables the student to reach achievable goals, and is enjoyable. The comprehensive program includes music reading, theory and ear training.

There’s nothing orthodox or ordinary about Dorane’s methodology. Students at her Center for Musical Creativity learn to play the piano with the aid of computer lessons, games, books and even compositions she pens herself especially for them. “I’ve merged traditional piano study with modern technology to give today’s students training that holds their attention and is fun,” Ms. Subjack explained. One student’s mother remarked, “We’ve tried so many teachers and nothing seemed to click. It took Dorane with her music games and friendly contests to get my son to buckle down and do something with his music.”

Central to any successful piano study is practice, and it is traditionally the hardest obstacle for piano teachers to overcome. Ms. Subjack has made great strides in this area as well. “I teach students how to practice,” she remarked. Clearly, through her 20 years as a piano instructor, Dorane has learned that teaching piano is as much an art as playing.

Ms. Subjack’s qualifications are impeccable. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Westminster Choir College and a lifelong certification to teach music K-12. In addition, she has performed professionally with the New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia Orchestras.

For more information about the Center for Musical Creativity, Dorane Subjack or to inquire about beginning instruction in piano, please call 303-306-1342.



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